Past Events

July - August 2019: Arts Week 2019 was a wonderful celebration of multiple genres of art against the serene backdrop of Canterbury Shaker Village.  This year, 5 adjudicated artists got to spend 2 weeks at The Village. Nestled in their Village studios, they created, educated and engaged visitors and found inspiration in the Shaker legacy. Under the leadership of Bill Stelling and Karina Kelley of Kelley/Stelling Contemporary, the Village chose a rich variety of artists from Rachelle Beaudoin, performance artist to Jason Correia, Patrick Cunha and Ann Saunderson, painters to Brandy Williams, ceramics artist.  The striking outdoor sculpture of Will Jandle graced The Village with willowy and graceful wisps of metal.  

Theater Kapow came for a first visit, performing a reading of As It Is In Heaven with accompaniment from The Shaker Singers.  This performance was motivated by the Canterbury Shaker’s love of theatrical endeavors in their later years.  

Dance is always a strong focus for NH Dance Collaboratives.  A world premiere of The Changemakers was the featured performance and a seamlessly blended collaboration between Ballet Misha and NSquared.  This 45 minute work celebrated the Shaker values of gender equality, inclusion and love interpreted though a contemporary prism. For the first time, the dance incorporated the spoken word delivered with mastery by Theater Kapow’s Carey Cahoon.  Dance was also offered in two days of tours at The Village as 4 dancers moved gracefully as shadows of Shakers, giving the buildings life and energy.

May 2019:  NHDC collaborates the New Hampshire Business Community for the Arts annual Gala.  Dancers and actors were “planted” at tables as if regular guests.  The dancers represented two entirely different dance styles; Contemporary and Hip Hop.  To the surprise of the audience, the actors began a dialogue directed at specific dancers who began to improvise and brought in a stylistically different dancer with whom “ to have a conversation”.

March 2019: NHDC asked Deo Mwano to bring a dance interpretation to The McIninch Gallery’s exhibit of the work of Didier Williams.  The exhibit was called The Nefarious Gaze and Mwano not only responded in his inimitable style but also created original music.

January 2019:  NHDC collaborates with Lucinda Bliss, Dean of the Low Residency Masters Program at NHIA.  Dance artists Nick Neagle, Zac Beatty and Amanda Whitworth immersed themselves with the students for a one day workshop with Ernesto Pujol.  They were assigned three master’s final presentations to interpret.

November 2018: NHDC collaborates with Kelley/Stelling to bring a dance interpretation to the exhibit We Used to Have Parties. Ace artists Kelley Diamond and Alyssa Desruisseaux responded to the inevitable transitions that friendships undergo.

September 2018:  NHDC collaborates with The New Hampshire Furniture Masters to bring life and celebration to their annual Gala.  The Tipsy’s arrive and make a grand entrance and tipsy finale.

May 2018: NHDC brings dance artist Amanda Whitworth to Kelley/Stelling Contemporary to interpret the installation entitled A Beautiful Mess.  Amanda brought clarity and poignancy to the process incorporating motherhood into artists identity.

February 2018:  New Hampshire Dance Collaboratives brings a dance interpretation to Kelley/Stelling Gallery hosting The Furniture Masters.  Dancers entered as clumsy guests and transformed slowly into dancers to the delight of the audience.

October 2017:  2nd Collaboration with Art Front inspired by the theme Culture Shock.

August 2017: NHDC collaborates with Canterbury Village for second summer. This time the event celebrates both dance and music.  Ballet Misha, Plymouth State University perform during the day. The Zealous Laborers is enlarged upon as an evening performance.

March 2017: New Hampshire Dance Collaboratives collaborates with Art Front, a citizens group dedicated to producing and showing art for free in an interdisciplinary way.  Two night show is attended by over 500 residents.

August 2016:  NHDC collaborates with Canterbury as a part of their Village Rising Summer Event.  Lorraine Chapman of LCTC and David Parker of The Bang Group are commissioned to create The Zealous Laborers which premieres on the 6th.  Emerging artists present new work on the 7th

June 2016:  New Hampshire Dance Collaborative collaborates with Canterbury Village to host a rigorous Summer Dance Workshop for advanced students held in the iconic Meeting House at CSV.