The Dysfunction of Social Practice

Kelley/Stelling Contemporary and New Hampshire Dance Collaborative

Curated by partners Karina Kelley and Bill Stelling, “The Dysfunction of Social Practice” features the art of Zackary DeWitt, Emmett Donlon, Rosemary Mack, Heather Morgan and Meghan Samson. As artists in particular and people in people general come back to gathering as we once did, what scars remain and how do we rebound? Dancers Kelly Diamond, Alyssa Desruisseaux, Anthony Bounphakhom and Sallie Werst will embody the humor, awkwardness and tenderness of those experiences.

“As we take cautious steps back into a world changed fundamentally by the pandemic, we find that the social part of our brain has lost its muscle. Our interactions with others sometimes take on a feral, elemental aspect. Isolation has forced us to live and react in uncharted ways. The artists in this show have each responded differently to the challenge.” -Kelley/Stelling