SNHU’s McIninch Gallery / Nefarious Gaze by Didier William / dance interpretation Deo Mwano

Deb Disston, Director of SNHU’s McIninch Gallery

Deb Disston, Director of SNHU’s McIninch Gallery invited NHDC to bring a dance interpretation to her exhibit by Didier Williams called The Nefarious Gaze. William’s work was propelled into being when he learned about the acquittal of George Zimmerman on all charges, in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Hession created a video of Mwano’s dance response to original his original, electronic score which ran in a nearby auditorium to the gallery. Meanwhile, small groups of attendees witnessed Mwano’s powerful performance in the intimate gallery space. Providing a live dance performance within the exhibit gave a visceral voice to William’s work. Adding the extra layer of viewing the exhibit and dance through the lens of videography allowed for an even deeper dimension of the collaboration to penetrate.