New Hampshire Furniture Master’s Main Event at The Currier / dance interpretation Zackery Betty, Nick Neagle, Janelle Abbott Staley, Amanda Whitworth

Can the movement and energy of dance embody the form and stability of finely crafted furniture? Does the physicality of individual masters show up in the distinct style and aesthetic of the furniture that they create? Can dancers help to answer these questions? Amanda Whitworth, Zackery Beatty, Nick Neagle and Janelle Abbott Staly have taken on a unique challenge and opportunity in doing just that.

Using as muses David Lamb, Jon Brooks, Jeffrey Cooper and Ted Blachly, the dance artists have studied the furniture and the philosophy of their assigned Master. They’ve also visited the studios and talked with the Masters to more deeply understand process and technique. At The Main Event on the 5th of October, you’ll witness the dancers shadow their Master’s during the reception followed by a brief performance where each dancer will create a movement impression of their inspiration. The coupling of dance and artfully crafted furniture further enhances the celebration of the fine art of furniture making.