First Multidisciplinary Art Celebration for the Public / Art Front

Claudia Rippee, Bill Stelling, June Trisciani, Joan Brodsky ( pre-New Hampshire Dance Collaborative)

ArtFront, a citizens group dedicated to producing and showing art for free, created their first event.  Arthur Sullivan donated space on the ground floor of Brady Sullivan Tower. Artists included Anthony Grassetti, Matthew Lomanno, Vivian Beer and Christina Pitch.

New Hampshire Dance Collaboratives brought  improvisational movement to compliment Beer’s sculptural furniture designed by Ballet Misha’s Artistic Director Amy Fortier.  Ballet Misha also performed original choreography. Dance artist Amanda Whitworth and Robin Marcotte brought  excerpts of their original work Shadows. Lorraine Chapman of LCTC brought her original choreography and her identifiable style of dance theater.  Within a social setting and against a powerful and diverse art exhibit, dance provided a striking element.