2022 Upcoming Events

Dear New Hampshire Dance Collaborative Community —

With Covid surging as it is, we have tentative plans forming for this winter, but nothing is entirely certain as of yet.  

Please keep checking in to this page.  Most definitively, on February 12th, a Work in Progress project by N Squared will be presented with plenty of opportunities for questions and comments. The event will be held at the Kimball Jenkins Carriage House studio with details to follow.

We’re also in the fun, early stages of planning for our collaboration with the New Hampshire Business Committee for the Arts Annual Award Ceremony held in late spring.  This will be our 4th year and we’re planning on a live event, finger and toes crossed! These projects have been wonderful and creative challenges each year!  In 2019, dancers and actors were “planted’ at tables with everyone thinking that they were just guests.  At just the right time, music and dancing broke out with so much joy and creativity, everyone still comments to me about it.  With the help of John Hession, we created 2 beautiful videos for the last two years NHBCA ceremonies. Stay tuned for 2022!

Keep your eyes open for a pop-up show of some form as life becomes safer! 

Recent Past Events

Check back later for their videos.

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November 18, 2021

Lorraine Chapman the Company ( LCTC) will be presenting Bon Secours at the Stockbridge Theater in Derry.

There will be two ticketed performances on that day, times TBA.

The performance was made possible by grants from The New England Foundation for the Arts ( NEFA ) and New Hampshire Dance Collaborative. Inspired by her visits to the famous Notre Dame de Bon Secours chapel while living in Montreal, Chapman created Bon Secours as an evening length work in order to explore the idea of safe landings.

Otherwise known as The Sailors Church because of the ships models hanging form it’s ceilings, Bon Secours was a place where sailors and their families showed gratitude for a safe journey. In these times of dramatic flux, what safe returns might we all hope for? 

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December 18, 2021 & December 19, 2021 at 3pm

Birdie ( a working title) will be shown at Canterbury Shaker Village’s holiday celebration which will run on 12/12 and 12/19.

A delightful holiday dance for people of all ages, this dance-theater performance is based upon the true experience of Alberta Macmillan Kirkpatrick who came to Canterbury Shaker Village when she was 12 and whose life was forever changed by the love and kindness that she encountered.  Inspired by the actual Entertainments which were developed and performed by The Canterbury Shakers, Birdie will be a premiere, created on site at Canterbury Village with support from archivist Renee Fox. 

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December 2, 2021 at 5:30 pm

Kelley/Stelling Contemporary and New Hampshire Dance Collaborative are reuniting at Kimball Jenkins. 

Curated by partners Karina Kelley and Bill Stelling, “The Dysfunction of Social Practice” features the art of Zackary DeWitt, Emmett Donlon, Rosemary Mack, Heather Morgan and Meghan Samson.  As artists in particular and people in people general come back to gathering as we once did, what scars remain and how do we rebound?  Dancers Kelly Diamond, Alyssa Desruisseaux, Anthony Bounphakhom and Sallie Werst will embody the humor, awkwardness and tenderness of those experiences.

As we take cautious steps back into a world changed fundamentally by the pandemic, we find that the social part of our brain has lost its muscle. Our interactions with others sometimes take on a feral, elemental aspect. Isolation has forced us to live and react in uncharted ways. The artists in this show have each responded differently to the challenge.” -Kelley/Stelling

For tickets to this benefit performance and more information, go to Kimball Jenkins website.

Past Events

The Spark: Sometimes dancers just dance to music and sometimes musicians just play for dancers. But, what happens when dancers and musicians create something in tandem with each other through in the moment responses?

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Hidden In Plain Sight, our 2021 film, was created over 9 months and represents Tricia’s vision for an artistic statement on the invisible and yet powerful role that creative energy and artistic expression play in our local economy.

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Elissa Margolin, musician and composer, approached New Hampshire Dance Collaborative in search of a dancer for a dance video of her new tune, Gorgeous.She suggested the location of 3S ArtSpace in Portsmouth who was exhibiting an installation entitled female woven landscape, by Linda Pagani.

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To add a special touch to the holiday celebration of the accomplishments of the people of Newport and the Newport Sunshine Initiative, New Hampshire Dance Collaborative produced a mini version of The Nutcracker.  Artistic Director of Ballet Misha, Amy Fortier, created a delightful portable version of her fully staged Nutcracker which...

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CCA Global is a cooperative of cooperatives. All of it’s many divisions level the playing field for small business’s to compete in an environment of consolidation. At CCA’s annual Christmas Party, NHDC tasked dancers to act and dress as waitstaff until actor Carey Cahoon of theater Kapow used tailored quotes to bring the dancers...

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Held at The Currier Museum of Art, the evening featured a private look at the exhibit at The Currier called “The Shakers and the Modern World”. New Hampshire Dance Collaborative produced a video collaboration with John Hession of Millennium Studios called Sharing Paradise. John and Joan worked together to reveal the essence of...

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Can the movement and energy of dance embody the form and stability of finely crafted furniture? Does the physicality of individual masters show up in the distinct style and aesthetic of the furniture that they create? Can dancers help to answer these questions? Amanda Whitworth, Zackery Beatty, Nick Neagle and Janelle Abbott Staly...

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Kelley/Stellling gallery hosted a pop up show of New Hampshire Furniture Master’s work. In a surprise visit, dance artists Lauren Allen and Max Auger entered as clumsy guests and, in three separate performances, slowly evolved into dancers to the delight of the audience.

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NHDC collaborates with Canterbury Village for second summer. This time the event celebrates both dance and music. Artistic Director Amy Fortier brought a delightful version of A Midsummer’s Nigh Dream to The Meeting House. Amanda Whitworth, Director of Dance at Plymouth State University curated a performance of faculty...

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During Art’s Week at The Village, movement was included in an unexpected way bring texture and life to the tours. Dancers were positioned in buildings and those taking the tours encountered them unexpectedly. Through subtle movement and a strong sense of presence, the dancers suggested an image of the reality of The Shakers without...

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NHDC collaborates with Canterbury as a part of their Village Rising Summer Event. Lorraine Chapman of LCTC and David Parker of The Bang Group are commissioned to create The Zealous Laborers which premieres on the 6th.  7 New Hampshire and Massachusetts emerging artists present new work on the 7th.

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New Hampshire Dance Collaborative bring dance education to Canterbury Village’s iconic Meeting House. A rigorous Summer Dance Workshop for advanced students provided a week long schedule of dance and movement classes. Organized by Lorraine Chapman of Boston based LCTC, revered faculty from New Hampshire, Massachusetts and...

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