Dance Collaborator

For the dancer who likes process as much as performance, has experience with improvisation and collaboration and has an active imagination.

NH Dance Collaborative has become increasingly sought after following its goal to bring improvisational dance as a performance element to events which include other art forms. A brief overview of our process starts with an organization reaching out with an opportunity.  We then imagine what role dance might play at the event and what style of dance might be best.  When we’ve refined those details – we then find the best pairing within our curated group of professional dancers. NHDC generally requires a bio, any photos or videos you have to illustrate your craft, and finally – an audition.

Ideally, auditions include jamming with other dancers within our network. If that can’t be scheduled, we instead meet and work through some improvisational prompts. Once a dancer has committed to a project, we develop an initial concept and meet to flush it out with everyone involved. As a team, we more fully define the concept, make decisions about music and choose costumes.  Finally, we move to studio rehearsals and create a first iteration of what becomes a more fully developed process/performance.

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