About Us

The mission of New Hampshire Dance Collaborative (NHDC), is to make dance a more well understood, accessible and utilized art form.

NHDC is a grant making organization that not only provides financial support to dance artists but also expands opportunities for them through unique projects.  Founded by Joan Brodsky, NHDC works to match dancers and envision dance integration with many types of host organizations who seek to use dance as a way of widening the lens on all forms of work projects, art exhibits, cultural settings or educational institutions.

Dance, in its many forms, can enhance an idea, inform an art exhibit, widen a view and promote problem solving.  Audiences have responded enthusiastically to NHDC’s resourceful blending of dance with other art forms,  in unexpected public places. NH Dance Collaborative is continuously striving to expose the public to dance as an art form that resonates on a human level.

Acting as a bridge builder, NHDC works cooperatively with any organization that wants to integrate dance into a multitude of different projects while insuring that the jobs are equitably payed.  Taking at least some of the financial burden off of the host organization lowers the barriers to trying something new for organizations.

To date, New Hampshire Dance Collaboratives has partnered with Canterbury Shaker Village, New Hampshire Business Committee for the Arts, Kelley/Stelling Contemporary, New Hampshire Institute of Art, The Currier Gallery of Art, SNHU’s McIninch Gallery, 3S Artspace and CCA Global Partners, to name a few.

Meet Joan

Joan and her husband Howard.

Joan Brodsky has worked as a dance and movement professional for the last 40 years.  After performing professionally, Joan trained in physical therapy, Pilates and Biosomatics and opened The Studio in Bedford, New Hampshire in 2000.

As a Movement Therapist, she’s worked with clients privately and in class settings. In 2015, Joan expanded her skill set further by completing training with The National Institute for Whole Health as a Whole Health Educator and coach.

Currently, Joan runs The Studio Within, a smaller, more intimate version of The Studio, in Manchester, New Hampshire. Her passion for dance spurred the founding of her non-profit, NHDC.  In her spare time, Brodsky serves as Vice Chair of Big Brother Big Sister of New Hampshire, and as Trustee at Canterbury Shaker Village. She’s married and lives in Manchester with her husband Howard Brodsky and their one-of-a-kind dog Winston.


NHDC was inspired by a citizen action arts initiative called ArtFront.  In 2017, 4 citizen activists organized a pop-up, multidisciplinary show that combined dance and visual arts.  This unique event took the city by storm. Three successful nights of ArtFront demonstrated that dance can gain a foothold in the public’s appreciation.

This event inspired Joan to launch the New Hampshire Dance Collaborative soon after the ArtFront show with the goal of bringing the community together with engaging, challenging, and fun opportunities to experience interdisciplinary performances with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and learn.  To date NHDC has hosted over 20 collaborative performances throughout New Hampshire.